Back in 2006, we met in the hallway of high school outside of our theatre class. We dated a bit, but re-connected during our college years over photography. Zac purchased his very first professional camera and needed some pointers, so he asked Kaitlin to show him. After a few years of dating, traveling back and forth between Denton and Dallas, we tied the knot in 2012. And most recently we welcomed our little daughter, Lucy, into the world.

We believe whole heartedly in the Gospel of Christ. The love we have for our Savior overflows into our desire to capture any and every season of life you are walking in. As creatives, our goal is to know you and photograph you in the best way possible. We jump into life with our clients and document your story. We love capturing your emotions, your personality, and every little detail along the way. 




Zac graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a degree in Graphic Design. This guy never meets a stranger. He loves Star Wars, clean design, garage sales, flannels, and growing his beautiful beard. His perfect day consists of french press coffee, finding the perfect pen, and spending time with his girls


Kaitlin graduated from University of North Texas and fell in love with photography at a young age. Her grandfather taught her everything she knows about a camera. She loves doodling, cooking shows, and Autumn. Her perfect day is perusing through an estate sale and spending time at the park with her family. 


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