Emily Ruth | Portraits | Denton, TX. / by Zac Simmons

Kaitlin// Oh man, where to begin. This is Emily. She is my sweet sweet friend, and was recently my Maid of Honor in our wedding. I met her my freshmen year of college and have loved her since. This past weekend we were able to spend an evening celebrating our new-birth-birthdays together. What I mean by that, is the Lord graciously called us to Himself within a week of each other three years ago in 2009. My mind cannot even fathom the heart change we have both been through due to the Lord's grace over our lives. The reality of the gospel became alive in our hearts - not because of our own doing, but because of Christ alone. He was sent as God's perfect son, to live as a man on this earth, and to reconcile God's people by dying for each and everyone of our sins and rising three days later - proving He is who He says He is, and now sitting next to God the Father. God took us, two hardened hearts, and saved us to make much of HIM. Emily baptized me in 2010, and has continued to walk closely with me as we seek to glorify Christ and enjoy Him. I am continually blown away by the woman she is, the compassion she shares, and the encouraging heart she holds. [gallery columns="2"]

These pictures were snapped prior to our fancy-pants dinner in Dallas in my backyard. I hope you love them.