Celeste & Dan | Wedding | Euless, TX. / by Zac Simmons

Dan and Cici - where to begin!? Let's see... we met this wonderful couple through a long connection...Cici is Kaitlin's brother's girlfriend's aunt. Got it?! Good! We both adore this huge and loving family including Dan & Cici. We were asked to capture their perfect wedding day and could not have been more excited. The cool September day arrives and we pull up to a beautiful rustic country club. Celeste was their with more friends & family than we could count, perfecting every last detail.  Soon there after Dan arrived with his pack of guys ready to start the party! The ceremony finally arrived and Dan rocked back-and-forth nervously as the doors slowly opened revealing his gorgeous bride. Both were trying to hold back tears of joy as Celeste met her husband-to-be at the end of the aisle.  The ceremony featured the beautiful tradition of the lazo, symbolizing the unification of the couple through prayer. The lazo (lasso) is placed around the groom & bride's neck to represent their unending bond.  After pronouncing this wonderful couple as husband and wife, Celeste's mother and father met them at the alter to renew their wedding vows after 50 years of marriage!  The reception was filled with wonderful food, dancing, a fun photo booth, and a special performance of a (quite humerous) song Dan wrote for his new bride. We had a blast at this wedding and here is a peak at some of our favorite shots...

Cici & Dan, We wish you two many happy years and we look forward to seeing you soon! -z&kThe Wedding Lazo 

Celebrating 50 years of marriage. We had the opportunity to talk to this beautiful couple. After only three months of marriage, I was quick to ask Eva what her one piece of advice was for me. Without any hesitation she leaned over and whispered, "You must pray." As we entered the reception with the loud music and crowds of people, I saw Eva once more where she reminded me, "Don't forget what I told you." Sweet moments like this encourage my heart and make me very thankful for this loving family whom I adore.