After-Session with Jennefer Wilson Photography / by Zac Simmons

I can't even put our excitement into words. Well, let me just start by telling you about our dear friends Jenn & Michael. We had the awesome opportunity to hang out with this family for an entire Sunday. Jennefer & Michael have sweet, humble, and kind hearts &&& we were so thankful for our evening with them. Not only them, but there big 'ol golden retrievers - IN LOVE. Jenn - by far one of the best photographers I know, a gorgeous and creative woman. She is the kinda girl that leans in when you speak and is just great at sharing life with you. And Michael treated us like majesty with dinner and hand-made lattes in big white mugs. We laughed a lot. Talked about business, tv shows, and our pups. This night was a great conclusion to our beautiful after session she shot. We went out to the lake, grabbed our wedding attire, and went to work. I have to admit, it was so strange being on the opposite side of the lens, but we had a fabulous time. Here are a just a few of our favorites - check out Jenn's blog here and like her on Facebook. Check out our session on her blog here!