Josh Proctor Speaks on Internet Pornography / by Zac Simmons

Recently I (Zac) was approached by one of my closest friends and mentor, Josh Proctor.  You might remember the Proctor family from several blog posts, we got to take pictures of their new born baby girl, Anna Kate, the day after she was born in the hospital, and also we were got the chance to take the Proctor's family photos! Josh and his wife, Kelly, helped Kaitlin and I in our premarital counseling as well, so needless to say we are very close to this family. One of Josh's passions is to speak the truth into men's lives in a one-on-one mentor relationship. Often, he has found, that these men and boys are struggling with a serious addiction to internet pornography.

When Josh approached me about his conviction to start really getting his name out there as a voice against this industry, I thought he was crazy! What a hard topic this is to approach, it is definitely a sin that is kept in the dark and that is one of the very reasons it is so serious! After much prayer and consideration, Josh and I, with the help of Justin W. Lowe Productions, sat down and worked out a strategy that involved a complete blog design and video interview that would allow Josh to be an outspoken light in this dark world.

*Please be advised: where Josh speaks on internet pornography in a very careful way, this video does shed light on a topic that might be carefully approached, especially by children.  Please take this into consideration before viewing.

[vimeo 58832727 w=500 h=281]

Please, if this video has spoken to you and you would like more information on what Josh does or how you can support him in his ministry, please visit