Kyle & Morgan | Wedding | Houston, TX. / by Zac Simmons

Happy October!  

It seems like we have been running around crazy the past couple of weeks with different events and family get-togethers - I have just now found the time to share this awesome couple with you! (I just cannot wait until the temperature drops and I can enjoy a hot cup of apple cider! Ya hear me!?) 

We cannot wait to share this wedding video with you!

Zac met Morgan, years and years ago, growing up together in the Texas panhandle. Zac then met Kyle, years and years later, at Dallas Baptist University. Kyle then wised up & moved on over to Denton, and became a dear dear friend to both of us. We soon discover that Kyle & Morgan went to the same highschool together in Houston, Texas and then before we knew it, the two were a thang! :) How awesome and oh-so-exciting! After a VERY long distance relationship (Morgan taught overseas in Qatar) Kyle could barely wait to pop the question! As she returned to the States, Kyle met her eagerly in the airport and asked for her hand in marriage! (She said yes.) 

SO We joined them down in Houston, Texas to celebrate their amazing day! The weather was beautiful, the ceremony was gorgeous, and the reception was one big party! Go on and watch this... It is a day that was simply unforgettable!