Josh & Amanda // Wedding / by Zac Simmons

Happy Friday!

We are so excited to share this beautiful rustic & detailed wedding with you. We had the amazing opportunity to be a part of Josh & Amanda's engagement and wedding. If you missed their engagements - look here! ) They are just two awesome people. Josh & Zac have known each other for years and years, and along the way we met Amanda. It was such an honor to play a role on such a great day as they entered into marriage. 

Josh and Amanda both graduated from Dallas Baptist University and that is where their love story began. They have such a great level of respect and devotion to one another - it is so encouraging! Their entire wedding day was nothing short of perfection. The weather, the cake, the centerpieces, the guests...everything was perfect! Their closest friends and family gathered around them in a beautiful rustic ranch, as they swore their love to one another (with Josh's dad officiating - how awesome!?). Then onto lots of dancing, Babe's fried chicken and the best popcorn & candy bar a girl could ask for! The night was perfect. But the best part was that the bride & groom never left each other's side. Their never-ending smiles, sweet tears, and jittery hands were just a small display of their excitement as they became husband & wife. We have no doubt that they have great things ahead of them! 

Congratulations Josh & Amanda!