The Hills | Family | Denton, TX. / by Zac Simmons

Meet The Hills. Meet one of our favorite families.

We have had the blessing of knowing this awesome family for a few years now, and love them so much! Zac works with Brad and he is one great graphic designer! I am thankful for their friendship, which encourages Zac to talk about all geeky things (like the new Star Trek) at work with Brad, instead of with me! ;) His wife, Erin, and their two beautiful children are one awesome family that love after the Lord! We had the chance to go over to their house for a cookout and then snap some family pictures. They brought all of their favorite things: their comics, their tardis, their toy dinosaur - all of the essentials. We constantly learn from Brad & Erin what it looks like to be great parents -- Erin is a mom who can tie any shoe and wipe any nose (like a pro) but more importantly she lays herself down to serve her family. Brad is a FUN dad that teaches his children everything they need to know about The Avengers and Star Wars, but ultimately he makes each of his children feel like a superhero and THAT is truly awesome. Meet The Hills...