Danny & Caysi | Wedding | Austin, TX. / by Zac Simmons

Oh, you guys. I am just so thankful for this rainy Wednesday morning. Today - I get to share a somewhat special project with you. We have two dear dear friends, Danny & Caysi, and they TIED the knot! That's right - you heard it - they are THE Mr. & Mrs. Bolin....And we could not be more excited! 

They had the most perfect of weddings down in the cool and quirky city of Austin, Texas in late May. It was a beautiful rainy day and the two met in a music venue on Downtown 6th Street to say "I Do!" It. Was. Awesome. The venue had a smooth jazzy feel to it, and filled with artists, friends, and family. There was a live band filled with friends and family that played the entire duration of the event (YES! Even softly as the couple swapped their vows). The whole day was so creative and so gorgeous. Zac was Danny's groomsmen which left most of the filming up to me, you heard it - but instead of shaking in my boots, I had a blast! I hope you love this vintage gem as much as I do! 

D & C - We are so thankful for your sweet friendship, and can only imagine what Christ has planned for your marriage. It is going to be awesome & it is going to be BIG. We love you both deeply.