Baby Amos // Birth / by Zac Simmons

I cannot wait to introduce you to one of my newest bestest friends, Amos Edward. Danny & Caysi, Amos' parents, are two of our closest friends. We go wayyy back and in the past couple years we have been there for their proposal, their wedding, and now their first child's birth!

And it was an amazing amazing day. 

Grandparents, siblings, and close friends sat in the waiting room for hours to hear of little Amos' big arrival. And when the perfect time finally came (12:37am to be exact), Caysi did an amazing job (Danny too!). Such sweet and precious moments before, during, and after the labor. The look on their faces when the saw their first son was one of the most incredible moments. 

--Sweet Amos, We cannot wait to watch you grow up. You have two caring, creative, and compassionate parents that truly desire to love you, to encourage you, and to point you to the Gospel. You are loved more than you know -- 

Photog Selfie! When I got the "today is the day" text, I wasted no time and headed right to the hospital around 10AM (seen with my parking lot voucher). After many hours in the waiting room, laughing, praying, playing silly games, it was show time! It was such a blessing to experience the entire day with both Danny's and Caysi's extended family. We left around 2AM the next morning (seen with sleepy faces). It was the best day!