Blane & Sarah // Proposal / by Zac Simmons


Blane and Sarah are ENGAGED!

And we could not be more excited! Sarah and I have been friends since we were about 15 years old. We survived high school together and were in countless musicals and plays (all of which I hoped people would confuse us and mistake me for the awesome actress she is!) Sarah is one talented, hilarious, and all-around-amazing gal. Then comes Blane. We met Blane and I distinctly remember getting in the car and looking at Zac, and being like "YES!" Sarah and Blane were perfect together (and still are). And so the master plan began. Blane emailed us one day asking to meet and describe his perfect proposal plan (EEE!). He ventured over for coffee, and NO JOKE, Zac was cleaning his old BB gun when Blane entered the room and continued to drill him hard questions (somewhat jokingly ;))...this is how much we love Sarah - we don't play!  Blane was by far one of the most PREPARED and EXCITED men we have ever schemed with for a proposal! He had the plan down to every tiny detail...

Blane told Sarah he was treating her to a fancy dinner date once he returned from his long trip to Europe. She was beyond excited but didn't suspect too much. Once they arrived at a beautiful Dallas Country Club on Saturday evening, he pulled out a blindfold for Sarah to wear. And after much persuading, she finally put the blindfold on in confusion. He led her down a path to a wooded area that was perfectly set up for the occassion. She removed the blindfold and said, "Wow! Is this where we are eating?!" Before she knew it, Blane began to whisper the perfect words that would lead him down on one knee to ask Sarah to be his wife. And she said YES! She was shaking, crying, and laughing all at once! We were so excited to be a part of such a special moment! We snapped a few pictures, and then they sat down for - yes - a fancy dinner! The night could not have gone more perfectly!  Sarah & Blane - We love you guys and cannot thank you enough for letting us be apart of your amazing day!