Sean & Heather // Proposal / by Zac & Kaitlin

Again, another throwback blog to a beautiful magical fall day. The day Sean asked Heather to be his wife. There is nothing like the excited energy that surrounds a proposal. Sean couldn't stop smiling while Heather's family were anxiously waiting. The plan - trick Heather into thinking she was meeting her family for a Christmas card photoshoot and instead surprise her with her out-of-town boyfriend. As we "waited" on Heather's family to arrive (or so she thought) we asked her to stand for us to test the lighting, before she knew it, her Sean was sneaking around from a tree - down on one knee - and just like that SHE WAS ENGAGED! Then her family came out from hiding to celebrate! It was perfect! Everyone was smiling ear-to-ear and these two are getting MARRIED!