Sean & Heather // Wedding / by Zac & Kaitlin

The beginning part of the day or as we call "the getting ready" is always fun, we are simply flies-on-the-wall capturing all of the details that go into the wedding, the hairspray is thick and so are the nerves. Heather was calm and collected, her girls were sweet and supportive (many of them breaking out in happy-tears every few minutes) but I could tell she was getting a wee bit anxious, like the kind of anxious you get when you reach the top of a rollercoaster, like excited-get-me-to-the-alter-right-now anxious. Then we did the first look (aka "Kaitlin, don't cry off all of your makeup time") and when she saw her groom, I could instantly see her demeanor change as they ran to hug one another and laugh, that was it... all she needed was him. So friends, here it is...just a peek at Sean & Heather's oh-so-beautiful barn wedding from last Friday! Heather's family are very old family friends that we simply adore and it was an honor to be a part of such a wonderful day. Let's rewind to their perfect fall proposal which started with stuffing Sean in the backseat of our car (yes, that is the first time we met the man) and scrambling to the proposal site just in time for Heather to arrive. Things went well for Sean that day, so that meant a few months of planning and the wedding day arrived! With this stellar red barn as a backdrop, these two sealed their vows with their closest family & friends watching as they entered into a precious and holy covenant with God, then celebrated with a pizza bar & a night full of dancing. It. Was. Epic. And all we have left to say is....#HoneyImHolmes.


Congratulations Sean & Heather