The Tenneys // Family / by Zac & Kaitlin

New Day / New Website 

Well, friends - the past few months we have been making some changes! A new logo, a new website, and a new purpose. We will be focusing solely on lifestyle photography. The heartbeat of our business is to capture the season of life you are walking in right now, as is.  As we look back on our own photography of our family, our favorite pictures are the ones that show a glimpse of real life. Us on our bed playing with our daughter, eating breakfast at our favorite place, swinging in the backyard - real life stuff captured beautifully. The art of the everyday. Our goal is that you can look back on these pictures - in 5 months or 5 years and feel the emotion that life held at that point. We would love to come into your home, meet you at your favorite ice cream joint, or walk to your favorite park where you do life and take pictures of you & yours. We want your pictures have a deep story behind them for you to relive when you see them again. 

" a good snapshot keeps a moment from running away. "

With all of that said, we would love to show you some pictures as well from a recent shoot. So, here they are - one of the coolest families we know, The Tenneys. A few fun facts about this family...they can all can play an instrument much better than Zac and I ever could (including their 2 year old), Kimberly can make a mean biscotti/chocolatechipcookie/icecream, and they have a kitten named Mona Lisa. So yes, if that doesn't give you just a glimpse at how fun this family is, I'm not sure what will. We loved getting to take this family of 4 to a fun spot downtown to take pictures of their blue-eyed babes in front of a blue door and capturing just a bit of their awesomeness. Take a look at a few of our favorites & don't forget to peruse our new site design.