Collin // Senior by Zac & Kaitlin

Meet Collin. We are a big fan of this guy in our household, and his family. We can't believe he is about to graduate and head off to Baylor next fall! Zac & I had so much fun hanging out with him taking his senior photos. Our goal with any of our photography - is to help capture your life, right at that moment. Your personality, your interests, you - just like that. So with Collin was no different, we hung out in the town he grew up in, threw around a soccer ball (he even taught me how to hit it with my head like the professionals do, ya know?!) and ended the day at one of his favorite eateries. He had us laughing the entire time and we loved ending the shoot over fries + coke. Check out a handful of our favorites...

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Krista // Senior by Zac & Kaitlin

This beautiful young lady is graduation in just a few weeks, ladies & gents! We had a blast exploring with her (& her sister) and snapped pictures in celebration of her upcoming graduation. We are so excited for Krista as she heads off to college in our favorite town to study English! 

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Morgan // Senior by Zac & Kaitlin

This GIRL! Just had to share a few of our favorites with you this morning of sweet sweet Morgan! A few weeks ago we met to take her senior portraits and she was a photographer's dream. It was raining off and on - and this girl kept going - no issues! Love it. She was a blast to hang out with and we are so excited for her graduation! (See ya, high school!) Take a peek at a few of our favorites... 

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Maryn // Senior by Zac Simmons

This is Maryn and I am beyond excited to share a few of her senior portraits with you! I met Maryn, about five years ago, when I was helping teach an acting camp. And now we crossed paths again as she is about to graduate! Hooray! She reminded me so much of myself, and that is what Zac kept saying, but in reality she is much much funnier. ;) This girl is an amazing actress who has had so much success in her high school career - seriously SNL watch out. And now, she is on her way to TCU to study Film. She was a complete blast to hang out with and snap pictures of. She is one beautiful little lady that was up for anything and everything we could think of! So take a look at some of our favorites...

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Molly French | Senior Portraits | Denton, TX. by Zac Simmons


Meet Molly. Molly and I (Kaitlin) have been in the same cohort for school for about three years now. She is a fellow Social Work student at the University of North Texas up in little D. Born and raised in Denton, she loves this growing city and it's unique charm. I don't know all that much about this girl, but here's what I DO know. She is one smart cookie, determined like crazy, and gorgeous beyond all get out! We had an awesome time driving around the city taking pictures anywhere and everywhere. Molly will be walking across that stage in about one month (WHOOHOO!) and headed onto bigger and better thangs. Here is a quick preview of some of my favorite shots.