Josh & Samantha // Wedding by Zac & Kaitlin

This day, y'all. Was perfect in every way. There is something so special about winter weddings - and this one was no different. Everything was so beautiful and elegant - with gorgeous candles, greenery, and delicate white touches that fit oh-so-perfectly in the gorgeous Flour Mill in McKinney, TX. And it was such an honor to come alongside Sam & Josh on their wedding day.

Kaitlin: I met Sam my freshman year of college and there's so much to say about her. She is so smart, so dedicated, so stylish, and has the most contagious laugh. She has a heart to serve and a heart for the Lord. So, when I met Josh - I kept thinking, "this guy has got to be amazing to snag this sweet friend!" and sure enough - he is! Josh and Sam are a perfect fit and we were so thrilled to celebrate with them on their wedding day. Here are a handful of our most favorites --

Congratulations Samantha & Josh 

Taylor & Alyson // Wedding by Zac & Kaitlin


Zac has known Taylor + Alyson since the 7th grade in their church youth group, back in the days when they were just friends. And now, they are MARRIED. These two tied the knot in straight up style in Fort Worth at the gorgeous venue, Brik. There were so many beautiful details, vibrant greenery, hand-painted signs, and oh yes...THE MOST GORGEOUS wedding dress! Then to end the evening with Steel City Pops, scrumptious eats from local food trucks, and a donut bar in lieu of cake - this was a dream wedding to remember. But most importantly, these two were surrounded by their closest friends and family to bind together in a Holy covenant with each other and God. It was a beautiful evening and we'd love to share a few of our favorites...

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Blaine & Katie // Wedding by Zac & Kaitlin

Happy Friday, friends! We can't wait to share just a few of our favorites from Katie & Blaine's magical August wedding. There is something so sweet about summer weddings, the tall grass and the late sunsets and we lucked out with cooler weather and a nice breeze (HOORAY). Our favorite part about this day was that laughter echoed in every room and the love was truly undeniable. These two, who first spotted each other on the middle school bus, were now joining together in matrimony. Friends & family poured out love and encouragement, amazing food was served, and then we danced. all. night. It was such a fun evening to be a part of and we are so excited to see the journey begin for this couple! 

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Josh & Rachel // Wedding by Zac & Kaitlin

These two got married at a beautiful chapel on a sunny Saturday afternoon surrounded with friends and family - and we were so glad to be a part of it all! Their ceremony was so perfectly centered on the Gospel and the precious covenant that they were entering together that day. Then the reception was filled with laughter, sweet details and touches of lace, and delicious cupcakes! 

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Sean & Heather // Wedding by Zac & Kaitlin

So friends, here it is...just a peek at Sean & Heather's oh-so-beautiful barn wedding from last Friday! Heather's family are very old family friends that we simply adore and it was an honor to be a part of such a wonderful day. Let's rewind to their perfect fall proposal which started with stuffing Sean in the backseat of our car (yes, that is the first time we met the man) and scrambling to the proposal site just in time for Heather to arrive. Things went well for Sean that day, so that meant a few months of planning and the wedding day arrived!

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Seth & Stephanie // Wedding by Zac & Kaitlin

Happy Day! We are so excited to share just a handful of our favorites from this beautiful blush wedding! We have known sweet Stephanie for years now (through her great brother, Nick!) back from Zac's DBU days. Stephanie is amazingly talented at so many things - and she actually made our wedding cake a few years back when we got married! (Don't get me started on how delicious her cakes are...They're unreal!) Well anywho, we had the privilege of capturing her & Seth's gorgeous wedding day.

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